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VBriQ Aricco

VBriQ Aricco is a decorative rainscreen solution with a VBriQ synthetic brick slip finish. The system has been designed for use with timber framed construction, incorporating a fully ventilated cavity. VBriQ Aricco can be used in conjunction with open or closed timber panels, structural insulated panels (SIPS) or light gauge steel frame. The VBriQ synthethic brick slips are installed onto the Alumasc Aricco render board. This system is therefore suitable for off-site construction as well as traditional on site installation:

  • VBriQ synthetic brick slips
  • VBriQ Adhesive
  • Alumasc Silicone Primer
  • Alumasc Base Coat
  • Alumasc Scrim Reinforcement
  • Alumasc Aricco Board
  • Timber battens
  • Breather membrane
  • Timber frame / SIPS panel

Key Features

VBriQ Aricco from Alumasc Facades by K Rend is an A2 fire-rated ventilated rainscreen system that is suitable for timber-framed buildings up to 18 m in height. The ventilated cavity ensures that the timber substrate is kept dry in accordance with TRADA recommendations. The VBriQ synthetic brick slips can be manufactured to replicate almost any brick type and used in conjunction with a range of mortar colours to achieve the design intent of the architect.

Key Performance Criteria

  • Fire performance: A2-s1,d0
  • Vapour permeability of the system allows the building to breath and prevents interstitial condensation


  • BBA Certificate 15/5211


  • VBriQ finishes can replicate any UK brick’s colour and texture
  • VBriQ slips can be supplied in a number of size formats
  • VBriQ slips are lightweight – at c. 4.5 kg/m2
  • VBriQ is cost-effective to transport (up to 6,000 m2 of bricks can be transported per truck)
  • Energy efficient manufacturing – requiring only c. 12% of the energy compared to traditional bricks
  • Quick and simple to install (often upwards of 10 m2/day)
  • High UV resistance to ensure that the original brick colour is maintained


  • Suitable for use in new build projects
  • Ideal for timber or steel framed construction, including SIPS panels
  • Compatible with offsite / modular construction techniques
  • Suitable for buildings less than 18m in height

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System approvals

BBA Approved – Certificate 15/5211
NHBC Accepted

Performance testing

ETAG034 positive wind load assessment
ETAG034 negative wind load assessment
ETAG034 accelerated weathering (hydrothermal) test
ETAG034 bond strength

Fire performance

Class 0 surface spread of flame
A2-s1,d0 reaction to fire classification according to BS EN 13501-1
Approved for use in timber-framed constructions with height up to 18 m


> 30 years

Impact resistance

ISO 7892 – Pass. Approved for use below 1.5 m
BS 8200 – Pass. Category B
ETAG004 – Category I

BBA Certificate (.pdf)

Aricco Ventilated System BBA Certificate

CAD Downloads

VBriQ Aricco CAD

BIM Download

Aricco Ventilated System BIM Files

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